How it started

It all began one morning when iRaw’s founder – Asa started creating products using pulp waste from fruits, vegetables and nuts. Asa has been juicing for some years, in the past the pulp was used in cooked vegan dishes, but after implementing more and more raw in her diet the pulp needed a new role!

The Demand is clear. At one of London’s health shop chains, where Asa worked, she was introduced to very experimental raw food products. She is not new to making food for other people and was immediately fascinated by the variety of dishes she could come up with in a short period of time. After seeking feedback from clients in her raw food classes in 2013, the idea for new visionary raw food products was born. She wanted to create a range of food that could work for all occasions, everything from crackers to sweet treats and meals on-the-go. As many people today are intolerant to various ingredients, the primary focus is on Organic and Free-From, in nutshell; SAME TASTE FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE!

For the next two years, recipes, concept design and product development took over her life. It was vital to find solutions the mainstream wasn’t even considering. Quiche was her speciality in a vegetarian/vegan Café she ran in the past. And he raw quiche is a product unique to iRaw.

The positive feedback from friends and clients was the drive force that kept her going and although being ready with 4 products in 2013 she decided to delay the launch until 15 products were ready in 2015.  By upscaling the business idea, she felt the contribution she could make would have a greater impact. and as a genuine health conscious, raw foodie she was ready to share a lifestyle with likeminded people and those who wanted a healthier choice in their life.

After achieving organic certification for the products iRaw officially launched in January 2016 with15 products. We believe, in order to make a bigger impact, the range has to be broader and 45 products have been created, ready to launch with intervals until end 2017. Although still in temporary packaging the products have been well received and we are already looking for a bigger production space. The range comprises of SnacksCookiesCrackersBrownies and Meals on-the-Go.

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