what are the best substitutes for sugar

What are The Best Sugar Substitutes?

The link between sugar, obesity and health is well established. What’s worse is that studies are showing that we eat more sugar than we think! And it’s not completely our fault either. While on the one hand, yes we do consume a lot more processed ‘treats’, an awful lot of processed foods you would never […]

chocolate and health

Chocolate and Health: Is there a Connection?

Did you know that chocolate is a superfood? Specifically, it’s the cocoa bean, rich in healthy chemicals, that has been shown time and time again to have fantastic health benefits. The caution is that not all chocolate is created equal. Milk chocolate and the added sugar, fat and butter may be great for your taste […]

nutrients in seeds

Vegan Meals to Go: The Golden Burger

A plant-based diet can be exciting and delicious no matter what time of day. Following a vegan diet is simple but not easy. For the newbie – until you become a pro, it can often require a bit of creative thought to come up with interesting meals and also take up a bit more time […]

food for glowing skin

Food for Glowing Skin: Almonds and More

All of us dream of glowing skin. And of course why wouldn’t you. The beauty industry is worth billions of dollars thanks to this quest for eternal youth, blemish free skin and glow. But while we’re happy to fork out cash on the next cream or lotion, have you ever thought about the food you […]