food for glowing skin

Food for Glowing Skin: Almonds and More

All of us dream of glowing skin. And of course why wouldn’t you. The beauty industry is worth billions of dollars thanks to this quest for eternal youth, blemish free skin and glow. But while we’re happy to fork out cash on the next cream or lotion, have you ever thought about the food you […]

is organic food better for you

Is Organic Food Better For You? Sometimes No!

This article continues the ‘Organic June Series’. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here. We’ve covered a few different angles about organic food from how it’s made, why it’s better for the planet along with some practical tips to get started. In fact, it’s quite hard to find a case against living an […]

job fairy

Job Fairy! We’re Hiring (Again).

Confident, Charismatic, Foodies wanted! iRaw is growing rapidly. We love to play job fairy and have three roles to offer! We’re still a small team based in South London and are looking for enthusiastic and Raw-Curious Team Members to help us keep up the fast pace! We offer you the chance to be a part of a positive, ambitious […]

healthy food trends

Healthy Food Trends 2017: Where iRaw Fits In.

The food industry is shifting and every year new healthy food trends emerge on the market. We are evidently seeing these trends move towards healthy eating. Remember discovering kefir and thinking game changer? No doubt, you’ve also seen the explosion in the ‘clean eating’ craze; vegan restaurant, detox spas, juice bars, turmeric lattes and so […]