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Job Fairy! We’re Hiring (Again).

Confident, Charismatic, Foodies wanted! iRaw is growing rapidly. We love to play job fairy and have three roles to offer! We’re still a small team based in South London and are looking for enthusiastic and Raw-Curious Team Members to help us keep up the fast pace! We offer you the chance to be a part of a positive, ambitious […]

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Healthy Food Trends 2017: Where iRaw Fits In.

The food industry is shifting and every year new healthy food trends emerge on the market. We are evidently seeing these trends move towards healthy eating. Remember discovering kefir and thinking game changer? No doubt, you’ve also seen the explosion in the ‘clean eating’ craze; vegan restaurant, detox spas, juice bars, turmeric lattes and so […]

what are goldernberries

What are Goldenberries and Why We’re Crackers About Rapples!

You might have been asking yourself what are goldenberries? You’ve come to the right blog post. To start, goldenberries are considered a superfood. There is no official definition or criteria for a superfood but the general consensus is that these are primarily plant-based foods that are particularly dense in nutrients and therefore very beneficial to us. The term ‘superfood’ […]

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Raw Vegan Crackers with Superpowers

Certain nutrition approaches can feel limiting at times. Take for example the raw vegan diet. It both eliminates certain foods and also affects the cooking method so it’s very easy to focus only on what you ‘can’t’ eat. But there is amazing opportunity here! With the choices you do have, there are so many possibilities to create nutrient and flavour-rich meals. You […]

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Health Benefits of Lemons and Why We Consider them a Star Ingredient

What are the Health Benefits of Lemons? Lemons are considered a fruit because they contain seeds. And this fruit has a lot to talk about. Full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, the health benefits of lemons make them a great daily addition to your diet. Nutrient Content According to Live Science, lemons are rich in vitamin […]


Plant Based Food – What is it and How Can it Benefit You

What can Plant Based Food do for you and what other options are there; aside from plant based food we see vegan, lactovegetarian, raw, paleo, primal, pescatarian, vegetarian, herbivore, carnivore…’s not surprising that most of us are confusedivores! And with a good reason, these definitions can mean so many things; just like a meat-eater’s diet can be unhealthy, […]