Healthy Travel Tips to Keep you On Track this Summer

healthy travel tips

We’ve had a pretty amazing run with our summer this year so getting into those summer vibes has been easy. Those warm days, blissfully long evenings and lots of chill time with friends. But the best part are of course are the holidays. Bottom line is everyone travels. At some point in your life, you will travel somewhere away from your home. Whether it be a relaxing holiday with your friends, a romantic trip with your partner, a work trip or an active challenge the common point is that your regular routine gets thrown out. A healthy lifestyle is about enjoyment and living life to the full. This blog is about highlighting exactly how to do that with healthy travel tips to stay on track.   

Healthy Travel Tips: Pre Take Off

The key is to prep ahead. In the lead up to the holiday, a lot of us like to ramp up our training to get summer ready. Unfortunately, this often also means cutting calories to initiate some last minute weight loss! While it’s great to get active, cutting and depriving your body isn’t so great. Don’t focus on deprivation but rather fill your diet with colour and raw fruits and vegetables. Not only does it boost your metabolism, you’ll also get the benefit of clear skin, energy and an immune boost.

On the morning of your trip, try to get out for a walk or practice some stretching. There’s plenty of youtube videos to take you through a 10-15 minute yoga routine. Perfect as you prepare to sit in a cramped seat for a few hours.

Yes a holiday is about switching off but there’s a lot you can do to stay active that doesn’t include the gym. One thing you can do is pack some runners and shorts to motivate you to get outside and explore. If you’re thinking you’d like to workout, invest in some resistance bands. They are so easy to pack and you can do so much with them to still get a really good full body workout. 

Healthy Travel Tips: On the Plane

No one likes the plane journey, being cramped in a tiny seat for hours. It’s also a very strange thing for your body to move through different pressures from take off, in flight and landing. Try to stretch your body by walking around. Roll your head to loosen tight shoulders. Roll your ankles  and try to take of your shoes to let your feet breathe.

During your flight, focus first and foremost on getting plenty of water. Try to avoid big meals and choose instead to eat little and often. Bring some natural snacks like popcorn, raw almonds, dried fruit and/or an iraw healthy habit snack on the go. 

healthy travel tips

Healthy Travel Tips: During your stay

When you land, stretch immediately. Take a few minutes while you wait for your luggage to arrive or once you reach the hotel. Stretch your back, your chest and shoulders.

One of the best ways to beat jet lag is to get up and do a workout. Just saying. Think about how much better you’ll feel once you get moving. Plus you get to enjoy the sunrise and practice some mindfulness.

  • Learn something new: sign up for an activity like a hike, scuba diving, snorkelling or fishing. It’s a great way to get active!
  • Get your steps in! While working out might not be realistic, try to boost your heart rate in other ways. Take the stairs, go out for long walks and enjoy the local culture.
  • Cycle: Why not rent a bike and get out to explore the local town/city.
  • Swim: Swimming in the sea is wonderful for your skin but also an easy way to add some gentle movement into your day.
  • Dance: Enjoy your evenings and let your hair down!

Healthy Travel Tips: Food & Drink:

It’s hard not to take advantage of a holiday and just eat and drink anything and everything in sight. Of course, you’re there to enjoy yourself but use good judgement when it comes to the ‘free for all’.

  • Use some awareness with your food choices. Don’t deprive yourself but don’t eat mindlessly either. Fill one plate at the buffet and don’t keep running back for more food, savour your dessert and really taste each bite.
  • Focus on the raw foods! In this hot weather, fresh fruits and salads have never tasted so good! Take advantage and enjoy a fruit platter by the pool, have a salad for lunch, grab a juice on the go.
  • With food, do a little digging to scope out the local gems. Life is meant to be savoured so take the chance to try out new cuisines.

We all want to live a balanced life and not sacrifice the things we love. So pairing food with a good wine or celebrating a night on the town with a few cocktails is of course ok. Here’s a few tips to keep it balanced:

  • Stay hydrated. When you go abroad to a hot resort, this becomes even more important. Always keep water close by or enjoy a mocktail by the pool. When you’re drinking alcohol, always try to add one glass of water between drinks.
  • Choose your cocktail wisely: Some of these concoctions pack as much as 1000kcals per glass so take care if your choice. White wine spritzer, gin & tonic, mojito, wine…

Healthy Travel Tips: When you get home

It’s time to bounce back! Don’t get sucked into the holiday blues but rather aim to get back to routine. Here’s a few tips

  • After tonnes of travelling, cocktails and possibly a sun burn or two, your body is probably dehydrated. So make water a priority. Feel free to add natural flavours like chopper cucumber and mint or lemon.
  • Raw veggies: get an abundance of raw fruits and vegetables into your diet. No doubt your digestive system has taken a hit after all the heavy meals and drink. Give it a break and some support with some natural food rich in prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins and minerals. Think green smoothies, leafy greens, fruits and salads.
  • Add a little spice: include plenty of spices in your cooking. Not only are they nutrient dense, they are rich in nutrients and a great anti-inflammatory support for the body: cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, fresh mint, garlic.
  • Walk and rest: To help you get back to routine and to enjoy the British summer to its fullest, enjoy a 30 minute walk after dinner for a few days. If the habit sticks, great, but the main goal is to help you unwind from the work day and also encourage your body to digest the evening meal before bed. 

Simple Travel Workout

20 mins as many rounds as possible:

10 lunges each leg (jump lunges if you really want to challenge yourself)

10 push ups (focus on good form, drop to your knees if needed)

1 min plank hold (make sure you’re not dropping your back)

30 mountain climbers

Rest as needed but aim to get as many rounds as you can in the 20 minutes.


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