How to Stay Healthy When Busy on the Go

How to Stay Healthy When Busy on the Go

Living a life that is filled with activities has some good and bad points. There’s always plenty to do and it always feels like time is just slipping away. But sadly, when it comes to staying healthy, this ‘go-go-go’ attitude can have some negatives worth trying to work out of your routine. And look, we’re not here to lecture you. In fact, we’re certain you’re probably aware of the downsides already. So instead, we’re here to help with some ideas on how to stay healthy when busy on the go. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Pack Snacks!

When you’re running around from A to B, meals can go skipped and energy dips can come on sudden and fast. Being hungry not only feels horrible, it also often results in poor food choices. One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to be prepared. With snacks, you want something that’s made from natural, whole ingredients and that carries good nutrition and steady energy. Our primary sources of energy come either in the form of fat or carbohydrates. When picking a snack, try to source something made of minimal ingredients and only in whole and natural form.

Snack ideas:

Here’s some options to pack and munch on during the week.

  • If you have a bit of time to meal prep, you can cook up a storm of snacks on the weekend and store in the fridge/freezer: granola bars, flapjacks, protein balls.
  • Simple snack loving gal? try getting some environmentally free bags/containers to store some fruit and nut mix, fruit and nut butter, veggies and hummus, veggie crisps, whole fruit and nut butter or similar.
  • If you prefer to stock up on goodies from the store, try plant-based products! Any product in the iRaw range contains superfoods and vegetables or fruit. Not only that, but we only use organic ingredients and never heat our ingredients to ensure all the nutrition is preserved. All this to say, you can be confident you’re getting whole foods into your diet when snacking on iRaw!

Walk & Talk

It’s worrying how sedentary we have become but who can blame us when most of our working life is spent sitting at a desk! So instil this simple rule: when talking on the phone, walk! Stick on your earbuds and get up to stroll around the office floor or better yet, outside. Some of us have somewhere in the region of 5+ calls a day that can last well into an hour so imagine the extra calories burn you get from getting up and walking around. Not only that but walking helps with blood flow, circulation and aerobic fitness. Plus it boosts your energy levels meaning you have more brain power to participate in the conversation!

Bonus: If you can, try to instil this rule with 1-1 meetings too! Get up and go for a walk, enjoy the sunshine and get some vitamin D!

Stop & Breathe

How often do you take a moment to appreciate or reflect on the ‘now’? It’s so easy to dwell on yesterday or frantically work to get something done for tomorrow. Skipping the now can mean we spend too much time in this ‘busy-bee’ fight or flight response during the day. I bet you already know that meditation or mindfulness is a powerful tool to battle that. But are you practising it? It’s not just about going to yoga or listening to the Headspace app, taking a pause a few times a day can really help to break the cycle. Think of it like a quick time out.

Give it a try with this box method: Slowly inhale through your diaphragm (don’t let your chest raise) counting to 4. Hold the breath for 4. Release slowly counting to 4. Hold again for 4. And repeat. Continue to repeat this for 10 full rounds.


You know it, I know it but still many of us don’t do it. Staying hydrated is important for every aspect of life, not just sport. Our bodies are 60% water after all. Water is important for skin health, satiety, circulation, transporting vitamins and minerals and above all for making energy! So really, don’t skimp on it or replace it with fizzy drinks. Some ideas to help you drink up:

  • Carry a 1 litre BPA free plastic or glass bottle with you. Your goal is to get through 2 full bottles during the day.
  • Use an app to set reminders.
  • Add some fresh fruit and herbs for flavour

Blast through a mini workout

When time is of the essence, you need some intensity. HIIT training takes as little as 4 minutes but the results last well into the day. That’s the benefit you see – Unlike steady state cardio, with HIIT you ramp up your heart rate and metabolism for a short period of time and it keeps running a little higher than normal for the rest of the day. Word of warning: with HIIT the poison is in the dose. The point is to make it short and intense. So don’t try to do it for one hour. You can’t sustain the intensity and you end up turning a positive stress into a negative one. Oh and finally, don’t use this as an excuse to slack on the steady state cardio either. They both have their benefits. Incorporating longer cardio jogs/walks (i.e. aerobic training) on the weekends or when you can helps with stress relief and boosts your HIIT fitness (anaerobic training).

Try this HIIT session: 4 minute Tabatha = 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

Alternate these two moves (i.e. 4 rounds each)

  • Air Squats
  • Mountain climbers

Make an emergency health kit

When you health is at stake, you bet it’s an emergency! Create a little bag of goodies to stash at your desk. Add things like protein packed snacks, veggie crisps, blister plasters, essential oils, electrolytes, hair ties, earbuds, hand cream….anything you want! When you need a little pick me up or even just a moment to yourself, you know where to go!

So there you have it. Some ideas of how to stay healthy when busy on the go. We wrote some other posts you might like:

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