Smart Snacks Part 2: Facelifts, zero waste and sustainability.

smart snacks

Last week we wrote our first post about smart snacks where we discussed empty calories, functional food and the 100 kcal government initiative. To build on this idea and to show our support for the initiative, we thought it would be the perfect timing to bring more awareness out on Junk-Free Snacks on the Go. Why? Because we just had a facelift. What that means is; we’ve been working on changing our packaging and making little tweaks here and there. We are also launching new sizes but more of that later. So keep reading to learn about our facelift, how iRaw does zero waste and what this all means for you the consumer.

Smart Snacks : Junk-Free on the Go.

Right from the start, iRaw was determined to make convenient snack healthier, without compromising flavour and quality. Our products have simple and honest ingredients,  sourced from plants and as close to its original state as possible.

The result; a range of convenience foods that work for almost any lifestyle or diet preferences.

The idea originally sprung from our founder’s attempt to ‘Zero Food Waste’ where she created products from pulp waste from nut milks and daily juicing to take with her on the go throughout London’s busy streets. In fact each of our products has a story to tell! Our very first product, Rapples, was born out of leftover juice pulp!

Asa’s passion and sense of duty to recognise the need and responsibility to make food good and healthy again by taking the ‘Junk’ out as an ingredient. But it’s one thing to ‘do’ and another to ‘teach’ because as a consumer, it’s important you also know the ‘why’ when making purchasing decisions. It might seem like an obvious thing to take out the ‘junk’ but do you know what junk is to begin with?

Food is Energy:

What happens when you eat?

Do you know what happens to food when you eat it? You might know that it gets digested but what about after that? There’s quite a bit to it but the basic idea is that when you eat food, it’s actually not fit for purpose meaning your body can’t do anything with it until it’s broken down. Once the digestive system does this, these individual units still have to get across into the bloodstream and get transported to individual cells. There, these nutrients enter various areas of the cell and get used or assist with chemical reactions. At the root of it all is energy production.

Energy production or conversion?

It’s actually not really correct to say that food is used in energy production because the fundamental law of physics states that ‘energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed into different forms. It’s the cycle of life actually – the Sun provides energy which plants harness through a process of photosynthesis. We then eat the plants or we eat the animals who have eaten the plants and as a result we convert the energy into our own usable form via cellular respiration.

But not all food sources provide the same energy! It’s like fuelling a car – if you put diesel into a petrol engine, it will destroy it. And this brings us to the idea of junk.

Smart Snacks vs Junk Food

The food industry comprises many parts – farming, manufacturing, retail and so on. Thanks to innovation and globalisation, we’ve developed incredibly clever ways to farm food with minimal failure/waste. But this hasn’t come without serious consequences – playing with nature requires chemicals, sprays, antibiotics and more which are all foreign ingredients that now seep into the food chain.

But beyond this, it gets worse again. Because with global transport lines, the problem of shelf life needs addressing. This means that turning a series of ingredients into packaged goods not only involves heavy processing (to alter the composition of these ingredients) but also additional ‘human made’ components (colourings, flavourings, stabilisers, preservatives and so on). And then finally, there’s the taste. It’s in any company’s interest to get repeat business and with food this falls on taste. The big dogs employ food scientists to make the product as addictive in taste as possible with little care for your health. And at the root of it, this means sugar! It’s no surprise there’s over 50 different names for sugar

Too much junk?

In truth, eating this junk isn’t going to kill you (fast). But while your body can potentially handle the chemicals and detoxify you day-to-day, putting that burden on it isn’t great long term. Especially when you start adding other stressors to your life like lack of sleep, work deadlines, bills and so on. Don’t forget what you put on your body (creams, lotions etc) also has a long list of ingredients (check the label of your shampoo).

The summary is simple: convert your energy from real, natural food. We zone into snacks because these are packaged goods and the conventional kinds can be calorie dense (empty kcals) and processed. When you’re having 2-3 snacks a day, it’s important to wise up! As a consumer, be aware of the following when shopping:

  • Production/manufacturing: raw ingredients in their natural state are packed with nutrition but when you add heat and pressure these can get damaged. It’s why only sprout and dehydrate (more below).
  • The amount of ingredients: One product can have up to 30 ingredients. Plus the sugar! So just have a think about how many snacks and how many total ingredients your taking in.
  • The quality of these ingredients: From the list you see, how many can you confidently recognise? And even if you do, do you know where this producer sourced them from?

To make the most out of your day, snack wisely with real honest food on the go and foods that meet your expectation in taste and fit your healthy and busy lifestyle.

iRaw’s Smart Snacks:

At iRaw, we make it our mission to help people eat better, feel great, and be their best selves, with delicious, energy sourced snacks from living plants of highest quality.As sprouted food maker, we add an extra twist to our production techniques.

Why? Sprouting enhances the nutrients and keeps the enzymes intact. Which means better absorption for your body and improved health.

Our aim is to harnesses the pure power of plants in every bite to create delicious, minimally-processed  snacks on the go with humble, yet real, wholesome ingredients—all in our very own London based kitchen.

Products include: Beauty Snack – superfood marinated Sprouted almonds. Sunshine in a Box – Italian flavoured crackers with sprouted buckwheat etc ….

iRaw snacks pack a punch with many different flavours and sizes to choose from and many products containing less than <100 kcal,  for those who want to keep up with their health routine on the go.

Lyda Borgsteijn

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