6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Organic Mum

6 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Organic Mum

Mother’s day is just around the corner and we’re dropping in with 6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Organic Mum ideas! We hope it helps you to pick the perfect gift to let her know how much you love her on Sunday.

Every mum is amazing. She manages to keep the whole family in check. A master multi-tasker, rushing around all day to pick up/drop off her kids while also cleaning and cooking dinner. Caring, strong, inspirational – Thank you mum! Without you, we are nothing.

Mother’s are unique meaning they deserve a unique gift to match! We want to celebrate gifts that align with our core values: ‘Organic’ ‘Raw’ and ‘Vegan’. Ready? Ok let’s take a look.


6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Organic Mum who….

Loves to Wind Down after a long day

For the mum who craves that blissful moment when the kids are up in bed and you’ve finished your to-do list for the day. And what better way to unwind than with a cozy setting. iRaw loves nothing more than burning some essential oils (lavender) and lighting a few beeswax candles. These candles are parafin free and chemical free and perfect for a health conscious mama. Check out the London Honey Co. @london_honey_co

Boost your wind down session to the max with a cup of My Tea Time Uk

Loves a Sweet treat while running errands

Every mum is an amazing multi-tasker meaning time to eat is limited. When you’re out running errands, you need something quick, easy and delicious! Can it get even better? How about a snack on the go that you can share with your toddler too! iRaw’s cookies are perfect! Three flavours to choose from – pepper n’mint, lemon in love and choco rockets – and each is full in organic, vegan friendly ingredients. Plus you’re guaranteed micronutrients in their whole form! Zero stress, zero guilt.

Enjoys Bathtime Goodies

Sometimes, you just need some ‘me time’ and a bath is the perfect hide away to grab a moment to yourself. We have some amazing options for the perfect bath. If you need a helping hand to sleep, then you need Hedgerow Herbals Bath Bags. For some skin nourishment, try Dr.Hauschuka Oil and this body brush. 

Add a glass of organic vegan wine from Forty Hall Vinyard or for the non-drinkers (like the iRaw team) fill your glass to the brim with Kombucha!

For more variety when it comes to bath time, try the Dirty Vegans and/or Fresh Naturals too!

6 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Organic Mum

Is all about the Skin Care

Nourishing your skin starts from the inside out. This is why our beauty snack is so popular – it’s rich in nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants that nourish your skin.

How about a do it yourself skin yoga session? Learn the method and practice while your baby sleeps! The Face Yoga Method includes certain effective postures that help your body, mind and spirit to stay young and youthful. Face yoga can release tension in the muscles around the eyes, mouth, neck and shoulders. The perfect anti-ageing tool. You can book a private session here.

If you’re looking for skincare products, our founder Asa loves Evolve products, especially the facemasks.

Is focusing on getting back to fitness

Ready to get back to the gym? This mum needs some organic gym clothing to look and feel amazing as she gets fit and healthy. The Asquith London range is lovingly designed, comfortable and practical while also being guaranteed organic and sustainable. Another option is Bamboo which provides athletic, Yoga, Casual & Comfy Bamboo & Organic Cotton Clothing.

Loves the Yogi life

If you’re truly stuck for time, a voucher for your favourite yogi spot is just the thing! But we also know that getting to a class might be difficult so we want to help this mama set the tone in the comfort of her own home. Simply grab some essential oils or an aromatherapy set and an organic vegan meditation Plantule Pillow .


6 mothers day gift ideas for the organic mum

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