Valentines Day Confessions

valentines day confessions
We’ve all got some feeling about Valentines Day, good or bad. Some look forward to celebrating their love with their partner while some singletons dread that reminder that you’re still on the bench. There are still, however, positives to take away. Like, for example, the free pass on chocolate! This post is light hearted to share Asa’s Valentines Day Confessions and hopefully will make you laugh! If you’ve got a better story, comment and share it below!

Who is Valentine anyway?

Rumour has it….Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday named after ‘Valentine of Rome’. In fact, the day had little connection to love at all until the 14th Century! In fact, prior to this links to Valentines Day were to do with sacrifice, not love!

Valentine himself was a rule breaker! Legend has it he was imprisoned for succouring persecuted Christians. It didn’t last as he was interrogated and later executed by Emperor Claudius II. But not before he managed to heal some lady called Julia, the blind daughter of his jailer Asterius. Some man!

 valentines day confessions

Valentines Day Confessions:

We’ll let Asa take it from here.
I was vacating in Mallorca on the northern side on my own as I had been working really hard and decided to take a last minute break.
I got to know a Swedish lady who introduced me to a friend of hers that asked me out.
While I wasn’t sure about the guy but agreed. Why not?
That day, I was invited on a yacht trip with an Icelandic lady (who worked in reception) and her friends. We were supposed to be back by 6:30pm but the weather was beautiful and I was late. I tried to cancel the date but the guy wanted to wait for me. So the date went ahead…
When I met him, I realised he had been drinking a lot and was quite intoxicated. Maybe he was nervous, but it quickly turned sour. I felt he was rude to the waiters and thought to end this ‘not going so well’ date. So I made my excuse and walked out out of a restaurant.
My date followed me. We came outside the guy realised he needed the bathroom. He suddenly disappeared. It was pitch dark so I couldn’t see where he went exactly but just say he kinda disappeared.
Next thing I know, he comes back, trousers all wet and blood dripping down his face!
Turns out, he had fallen into a ditch that wasn’t closed off. Not only was I shocked, but I ended up getting the man into the medical care at the hotel I was staying as one of the receptionist’s friend (I met on the yacht) was the hotel doctor (whom I actually fancied more, quite hot if you get me).

How did it end?

The doctor stitched the guy together and it was the end of it for me really but the guy kept on calling and texting trying to persuade me to give him another chance. Turned out he was actually a very wealthy business man.
Valentines Day Confessions – There is never a dull moment!

Lyda Borgsteijn

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