5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body and Help the Environment

Ways to Detox Your Body and Help the Environment

Looking outside the window this morning it’s hard to believe that technically Spring is around the corner! Hopefully, the weather will catch up soon to this idea too. There are some great steps you can take to help reset your body. However, what’s even better is knowing that you’re helping the environment at the same time! Today’s post is aimed at doing just that. The five ideas below help to not only revamp your health but also support a healthier planet too. Just five simple ways to detox your body and help the environment at the same time. How motivating to know that if we all started following these simple steps, we’d be helping our planet too!

5 Ways to Detox Your Body and Help the Environment

Give Meat a Break

You’ve probably read at least one article about how the meat industry has quite a significant impact on our environment. If you’re not ready to transition to full vegan just yet, start with some simple tactics:

  • One month meat free every quarter: use this as an added opportunity to boost your micronutrients and gently detox off processed food.
  • Meat free Monday: Choose one day per week to be vegan.
  • Vegan before 6

In any case, start buying and using more beans, lentils and pulses in your diet. These are very filling and a good source of protein!  

Ways to Detox Your Body and Help the Environment

Throw away the Make-Up

It’s true and sadly we bet you know it. Our environmental footprint and health depends on much more than the food we eat. The things we put on our skin every day are a big factor too, especially give that it takes roughly 30 seconds for a lotion to penetrate your skin. Not only that, the average female uses 12 different products every day on her skin and each of these has 30+ ingredients. It all starts to add up. In addition, a lot of these brands still test on animals. Some simple steps to start:

  • Throw out any/all make up that’s over 2 years old (most packaging show shelf life)
  • Look to buy your daily ‘musts’ from Vegan brands
  • Swap what you can or cut completely: shampoo, moisturiser, toners, creams, foundations. Think about which ones you use most and how often.
  • Give you skin a break – try to go makeup free! Remove your make-up once you get home and let your skin just breathe.

Eat organic

We wrote extensively about the benefits of organic last year. The three posts covered why to choose organic, whether organic is really better for you and where sometimes it can fall short of the hype. Overall, choosing to buy organic produce will reduce the amount of toxins you are taking into your diet. Not only that, but you will also support smaller farmers and by default support the health of the planet and animals that these people work with daily.

Channel your Inner Minimalist

Have you ever counted all the things that you have in your house or apartment? We’re willing to bet it would come to thousands of items! But do you really need all of these? Driving needs vs wants, we’re also willing to bet you could reduce those items to a couple of dozen. So why is the rest of it just sitting there? There is nothing more refreshing for your mental headspace than reducing the clutter around you. Sometimes you don’t realise how much of an effect it has until you do it. This doesn’t have to be epic. Start with your bedroom or wardrobe, clear out as much as you can in 2 hours and do your best to donate the stuff you no longer need. This is just the first step and hopefully enough to inspire you to be more conscious of your buying decisions in general.

Ways to Detox Your Body and Help the Environment

Walk or Cycle

What an easy way to improve your health and reduce the carbon footprint in the process! Grab your runners or hop on a city bike and get moving! If these aren’t a possibility for your commute, choosing public transport is a big first step. From there, add a walk by getting off a stop too soon!

Concluding Thoughts

To close things off, let’s turn the spotlight back to ‘you’ for a quick minute. The word ‘detox’ has kind of lost its meaning in recent years thanks to its attention in the media. Today, the term is associated with severe calorie depletion, juicing and/or extreme diet approaches but the true meaning is actually far removed from all of this. We’ll save time by pointing you to the following two blog posts:

In summary, your body can detoxify efficiently on its own. Sometimes it needs a little support but this can be done very easily. In fact, doing any 3-5 of the above points will set you up for success. If you need a little more help, look to place extra focus on these last three points:

  • Water: aim for at least 2 litres of filtered water per day. Sip continuously and avoid drinking too much with main meals
  • Cut out sugar: It’s not as easy as you think as there are over 50 different names for sugar at this stage so it’s quite easy to hide on a label. Easiest rule is to go with items that have under five ingredients. You can look at our post on sugar substitutes here for more ideas.
  • Up the veggies: Add an extra serving to each meal. Focus on maximising colours and variety.

Happy Detoxing! At least now you have a toolkit of Ways to Detox Your Body and Help the Environment!

Lyda Borgsteijn

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