A Mindful Cozy Night In with Vegan Cookies

vegan cookies

That big day is fast approaching and the countdown is on. We’re sure you’re still out there caught in the rush. But soon, very very soon, that few days of peace and calm will start. That post holiday madness opportunity to breathe, get tucked under the duvet and relax! Total bliss!  Christmas is magical and full of so much excitement catching up with family and friends. But all that socialising, drinking, partying, eating etc can catch up with you! After all, it’s overwhelming how much there is to do! We’re here to help you plan ahead for those cozy days in that are just around the corner. Make the most of them with a little mindfulness and some vegan cookies. Check out what we mean below.

vegan cookies

A MindFul Cozy Night

Mindfulness is a health trend that’s here to stay. Implementing some sort of mindfulness techniques into your day-to-day will make you a healthier human. Mindfulness can mean different things for different people – for some journalling is relaxing, for others it’s listening to music, doing a yoga flow, or listening to a walkthrough meditation or even cooking a new recipe! Whatever works for you, do it! There is no wrong way, it’s about finding a relaxing flow.

Baby it’s cold outside! So what better time to practice than on one of the few precious days off, snuggled in by the fire with a warm cup of tea. Try some of our suggestions below and believe us, you’ll start 2018 feeling energised and lifted. Let your energy flow.

Here’s some guidelines to help:

Journalling: Grab any journal or even a few sheets of paper and just let your thoughts spill onto a page. There are many different ways to practice this and no right/wrong way. You can just write some musings, plan your 2018, create a bucket list or use prompts to help guide you. Journalling is a fantastic tool to help declutter your mind, get clear on your dreams and recognise those obstacles that might get in the way. Here’s a few prompts to get you started:

    • What am I grateful for today?
    • What do I love most about myself today?
    • Write a positive affirmation like ‘I am strong’
    • What do you need to do tomorrow?

Drawing and colouring: Let your inner artist get creative! It’s not just for kids. Getting the colouring pens out is a proven technique to help unwind. Just think how much you need to concentrate to stay in the lines, you start to block out all the noise around you. Try it! Either purchase a colouring book (there’s thousands out there now!) or sketch from scratch. Don’t worry about being the next Picasso, just grab a pencil and go!

Headspace App: Need a little more guidance to help get started? Headspace is a fantastic app where you just can’t go wrong. Download it on your phone and try it for free with 10 days worth of meditations. The app intentionally starts you off slow to get used to the idea of listening to a voice guide you through a session. Each day you ‘train your brain’ to unwind. If you love it, you can subscribe monthly or yearly and even get specific meditations to help with anxiety, low energy, stress and more!.

Yoga Flows on Youtube: If you’re the kind who likes to move to destress, a yoga flow might be just the thing. Plus, you don’t need much space! A yoga mat in your living room and you’re all set. Plus, there is no gym gear required so you can keep the pyjamas on! There are hundreds of thousands of free yoga flow videos on youtube that can guide you through a 10-20 minute session. Have a look for ‘Hatha’ or ‘Vinyasa’ flows.

With Vegan Cookies!

No cozy night in is complete without some vegan cookies! What better way to spend the holidays that with a plate of cookies, some Mylk and a warm fire? We can make it better – how about a plate of healthy cookies! You can eat the whole lot and not feel guilty in the slightest knowing you’re getting a big dose of nutrient goodness.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3….

  1. Choose your flavour – Lemon in Love, Pepper N’Mint, Choco Rockets.
  2. Pick a your Mylk – Cashew, Almond, Soy, Hazelnut, Oat, Rice……
  3. Choose your Spot for the night – couch, armchair, floor, under the duvet….

Vegan Cookies in the Kitchen!

If you’re like our founder, you love exploring in the kitchen as a way to relax and get creative. So you could make your own Raw Vegan Cookies with a little creativity! You’re in luck! Before launching iRaw, Asa had already quite the reputation in the kitchen having created over 3 recipe e-books and led over 10 bespoke raw vegan cooking classes (for more than 3000 curious foodies)! Try one of her festive recipes – Festive Vegan Cookies – over on the Yuuga Kemistri website

vegan cookies

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