25 Best Christmas Gifts for the Natural Goddess

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. All the lights, the gifts and time spent with family and friends. And of course all the food. However, in the days leading up to the 25th, it’s all blind panic in the shops as we frantically try grab and buy all the gifts! iRaw is a little more cautious in its approach because an awfully large amount of gifts become old news very quickly and in this way simply contribute to the waste problem. It’s not all gloom and doom, we just want to highlight the idea of thinking and planning smart! Check out our ideas for the best Christmas gifts for the natural goddess below.

Which Christmas Scene is for you?

[1] Cozy & Comfy is the new chic!

You love nothing more than getting into your oversized pyjamas, brewing a big mug of tea and snuggling up on the couch with your favourite movie, the lights dimmed and the wind gently blowing outside. The perfect cozy night in requires some essentials which we know you’ll love:

Cookies: Every night in needs snacks! But we’re over the greasy/sugary crap. We want cookies! Not any cookie, organic raw vegan cookie delights that melts in your mouth. Choose from Lemon in Love, Choco Rockets or Pepper N’Mint. Or have all three! Perfect with Mylk (shall we link Plenish!) or a cup of tea.

best christmas gifts

Hoogly Tea: No night in is complete without a big mug of your favourite tea. For a calming effect look to flavours that incorporate licorice, camomile or mint for a relaxing night in.

Plantule Pillows: Get comfy with vegan friendly pillows! They’re filled with organic certified buckwheat hulls and a hint of organic lavender, the perfect support for your head!

Aromatherapy Candles: For a super cozy vibe, nothing could be more perfect than some candles and the lights turned down low. Be careful as the conventional brands are often loaded with artificial chemicals that are not ideal to have wafting around your house. Choose vegan friendly candle wax like hemp, soy or coconut. You could also buy unscented candles and essential oils.

[2] Best Christmas gifts for the Wellness Warrior

Christmas for you is a time to get outside and play! If there’s snow, even better! You’re the active gal always on the go – running, cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding. You’ll need the following in your sports bag to keep you going:

Superfood Rawl Up: When you’re on the go, you need snacks that are easy to eat and pack a punch! Our rawl ups contain 8g of protein per pack, perfect for the wellness warrior.

best christmas gifts

Cactus Water: When you’re on the go go go, you need to stay hydrated! We’ve all heard of coconut water but have you tried cactus water yet? It’s got all the electrolytes and a great taste!

Meditation pillow: After all that action, it’s time to wind down and relax. Dedicating 10 minutes a day to meditation is a great practice to get into. Why not invest in a meditation pillow and create your own little mindful corner. We met Complete Unity Yoga earlier this year and loved their products!

best christmas gifts

Wake Up Light: A good sleep routine is crucial for the busy fitness girl. With the short days and long nights, it can be hard to drag yourself out of bed when it’s still dark outside. The wake up light is great. Not only does it let you keep a good sleep routine with a dark room, the clock starts to light up 20 minutes before you wake up to mimic the idea of sunrise. In this way, your body starts to react to the light and naturally wake up slowly which means no grogginess or snoozing!

Vegan Sports Clothes Brand: No warrior is complete without a sexy gym outfit. But what’s even better is a sexy and comfy outfit that is also environment friendly! Check out Bam for some leggings ideas!


[3] Best Christmas Gifts Chef Extraordinaire!

The festive season is a time to enjoy with family and friends around the table. But best of all it’s your time to experiment in the kitchen! Stacks of cooking books, amazing festive smells wafting in the air and you are in your element. Here’s what you need to add a touch of nature to your table:

Sunshine in a Box: Every chef needs to snack mid creating in the kitchen! It’s cold & dark outside so bring a little sunshine to your cooking with our raw crackers. A perfect snack with sliced avocado/hummus. 

Cooking Class Yuuga Kemistri: Hone in your skills with some new techniques and styles. Have you tried a raw vegan recipe yet? It’s the perfect class to teach you how to get the most flavour out of simple combinations of plant based foods, in their natural state. Upcoming classes.

Kombucha Brewing Kit: Food should be enjoyed but it should also nourish your body! When you eat, your body has the task to digest and break down the food into usable units. A big part of this process are the bacteria in your gut! Help feed the good guys by making your own kombucha!

Spiraliser: Looking for a quirky kitchen gadget that will help you get healthy? Zoodles are all the rage right now as a pasta replacement. But there are so many vegetables you can spiralise: carrots, beetroot, sweet potato, potato, courgette. Get creative and use these different textures as a pasta replacement, decoration or as a fun facture in salads!

[4] Best Christmas Gifts for the Busy Corporate Gal

You LOVE Christmas but wrapping up projects in the office means that the lead up to the 25th is m.a.n.i.c. That means late nights, social events and barely any time to think! Phew this corporate career life is hard! We’ve got some ideas to keep the energy levels high!

Coconut Collaborative: When you’re on the go, you need energy. Not any energy but the slow and steady focus which is where healthy fats come in. Coconut yogurt is a great easy snack to eat on the move. Not only will it fill you up, but it’s loaded with healthy fats.

Rapples & Kale Chips: When you’re a busy bee, there really is very little time to sit and eat. You need snacks that are easy to enjoy and don’t require plates/forks/knives. iRaw has you covered! Try Rapples or one of two kale crisp flavours: Eastern Fusion/Peppery Kale

what are goldenberries

Kale nutrient content

best christmas gifts

Prevent the systems from crashing with an anti ageing detox plan: You’re on the go all the time; running from meeting to meeting, eating on the run, jumping for taxi to plane. It’s hard to keep up! And your body feels it too. Maybe not now or tomorrow, but it will catch up. A classic example is getting sick when you go on holidays. Don’t let it get that far with the preventative anti-ageing detox plan.

[5] For the Beauty Queen

Grab your robe and slippers, it’s time to get pampered! You’ve got a few days off and a digital detox is on your mind. It’s time to relax and soothe those aching muscles, give that brain a rest. We’ve got you covered:

The Beauty Snack: All of us dream of glowing skin. And of course why wouldn’t you. The beauty industry is worth billions of dollars thanks to this quest for eternal youth, blemish free skin and glow. But while we’re happy to fork out cash on the next cream or lotion, have you ever thought about the food you eat having a big role to play? Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, healthy fats, B vitamins and minerals all beneficial for youthful skin!

best christmas gifts

We’ve spent some time putting together a selection of few great products that would definitely come in handy and suit anyone concerned not wanting to put harmful chemicals on their skin. Our founder’s favourite sentence is: ‘Don’t put it on your skin unless you can eat it too’.

Eco toothbrush Humble brush (our founders pick)  our founder was sold on the first brush. Being made of bamboo its a comfort to know it can go into landfill and not end up pouting our earth for years to come.

Vegan Makeup Inika (our founders pick). Our founder swears by this brand and has used it for few years.

Vegan Perfume Love les carottes by Honore des pres (our founders pick). The waft of fresh carrots with a hint of sweetness is enough to win anyone over.

4 Weeks on Raw Meal Plan – HEALTHY, HAPPY & VIBRANT in only 4 weeks! This meal plan contains 52 nutrient rich raw vegan recipes for you to try. It’s an amazing skin treatment from the inside.

Private Face Yoga Session in London. If you want silky soft skin for the rest of your life, then face yoga is a must. The Face Yoga Method includes certain effective postures that help your body, mind and spirit to stay young and youthful. Face yoga can release tension in the muscles around the eyes, mouth, neck and shoulders. The perfect anti-ageing tool. You can book a private session here.

best christmas gifts

Face Mask Evolve (our founders pick) The combination of chocolate and coconut. What is there not to like. You could even do this self at home if your pantry is rich of great ingredients.

Vegan Moisturiser It is a myth that all natural and or organic products will mess your budget. This vitamin rich moisturiser is our founder’s must have in her handbag on travels. It is a fantastic product which doesn’t break the budget and makes sure you maintain your happy healthy glow all through the flight, on your way home or the holiday!

This concludes our 25 Best Christmas Gifts for the Natural Goddess and we would love to hear from you with comments on our social media how this has benefited you. Shop calmly with Vegan Snacks on the Go in your handbag!


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