Snack Smarter: the unusual story behind iRaw Products

snack smarter

When you hear the words ‘ snack smarter ‘, you might conjure up thoughts of whole food snacks, more filling snacks or even looking to ‘healthier brands’. But would you stretch far enough to think about being environmentally friendly? That’s exactly what Asa, our founder, had in mind when creating the iRaw product range. We put pride and passion into everything we do! We believe in green food and are borderline fanatic about it. Green for us is about every step of the process. That’s why at iRaw, we aim to have minimum waste, recyclable packaging and

Read on to hear how some of our first products came to be. In fact it all started with a pile of leftover juice pulp….

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Snack Smarter with Rapples

Once upon a time, a raw vegan foodie called Asa was feeling frustrated. She loved the benefits drinking juice and following a raw vegan lifestyle gave her; endless energy, healthy body and mind. But what could she do with all the pulp?! It felt like an awful waste….

Asa’s first iRaw product began as a kitchen experiment. Late one day, while listening to Snoop Dog, she rolled up her sleeves and started thinking about what she could make from pulp. To the mixture of apples and carrots, she added some walnuts. Hmm, now to balance the sweet taste? Inca berries! And voila, the finished product: a raw vegan cracker.

The name encompassed the day perfectly – Rapping Apples….Rapples!

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Snack Smarter with Lemon in Love

Once upon a time, there was a raw vegan foodie called Asa who adored lemons. She ate them daily with anything and everything! This called for another experiment; an ode to lemons. How could she incorporate them into new and exciting foods? She ran to the kitchen….

As she was experimenting with ways to use up pulp leftover from almonds from the almond milk she made quite frequently, she came to create a mix of raw almonds, coconut, chia and dates. A great mix for a cookie she thought! To the mix, inspired by all Sicilian Lemons, she added fresh lemon juice as a natural preservative. And the combination worked a treat!

Ta-daaa! The Lemon in Love Raw Vegan Organic Cookie!

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Snack Smarter with Choco Rockets

Asa wanted to create a new recipe using the cacao alternative, carob. Her initial thought was to reduce the bitterness from using only raw cacao by mixing it the with Mediterranean carob.

Carob has loads of health benefits and is naturally sweet so it gave her a chance to reduce the amount of sweetener needed in the cookie recipes.

To the carob she added activated cashews, coconut, coconut sugar, maple syrup and vanilla. Finally, she mixed in the superfood powder lucuma to boost the nutrient profile of the recipe even more! These irresistibly Healthy & Tasty Raw Cookies are the perfect guilt free treat. When you need a chocolate hit, this is the treat for you and less calories in the whole bag than a slice of chocolate cake! Organic, raw and vegan is just the bonus. Seriously, how often can you feel good about eating a ‘sweet treat‘ knowing it’s actually healthy for you!

Snack Smarter with Crunchy Onion

There are many ways to enjoy onions, but we bet you haven’t come across this one just yet. This was a true innovation in the kitchen. Asa wanted to package this nutrient dense vegetable but couldn’t quite find the right recipe idea but she knew she wanted healthier version of deep fried onion rings. As a raw vegan foodie, Asa’s firm value is to preserve nutrients in their natural state i.e. no cooking. But a raw onion?! What could you make with that.

In the kitchen, she sprouted organic almonds, buckwheat and grounded the flaxseeds, the blending began. This will be a great way to add protein and fibre she thought. To this mix she began to add apple cider vinegar, olive oil (cold pressed and unfiltered), smoked paprika, black pepper…..a bit of tweaking and tadaa!

The only Raw Food Crunchy Onion Snack on the market. High in protein, made from organic almonds, red onion and gently spiced with smoky flavour. Dehydrated below 42 degrees, this product is organic gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan. When tested on a group of people, it got the respond ‘mmmmm’ and ‘yummy’… do you have more? We also hear a lot from people that they love to sprinkle it on salads and pasta dishes! This is our chef’s little daughter’s favourite, and shes only 3 years old!

snack smarter

Snack Smarter with Beauty Snack

Lime is our founder’s favourite fruit (after Lemons and Mangoes). Did you know that some of the Lime’s many health benefit is to aid in skin care?

Our founder was on a mission to create a product that would help the skin to freshen up from the inside. She had created a programme called Eating Raw for Real Beauty at YuugaKemistri which motivated her to create a product that could stimulate the healthy and youth aspect of eating well for longevity!

Beauty Snack has won the tastebuds of many! When crafting this product ‘Nothing was spared’ she says. By using activated almonds and marinating them in fresh juice from lime and a mixture of turmeric, spirulina and matcha green tea, this product is in a league of its own! Did you know Spirulina helps to detoxify your system and has the highest content of protein of its weight of any food! We use Lime in our delicious Beauty Snack as it helps to disguise the taste of Spirulina in the food …. How clever; iRaw helping you to eat greener for your beauty + health, lovingly crafting the future in food!

Et voila! A snack that gives you better health, longevity and beautiful skin! Plus it contains a whooping 4% of spirulina (and guess what … you don’t taste it in the product). They’re ugly green, they’re healthy and nothing cheeky. Simply as it says on the label BEAUTY SNACK.

So there you have it! Some of our smartest snacks! How do you snack smarter?


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