iRaw’s Take on Healthy Desserts: Ideas and Inspiration

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I bet you didn’t expect to see these two words in the same sentence; Healthy Desserts. But it’s true, you can have your cake and eat it too! But we have a few quips to make with the other blogs and articles we’re seeing online. Because healthy desserts for iRaw is a little different to what you might think. Read on to find out more.

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iRaw’s Take on Healthy Desserts:

When you google healthy desserts, the first search terms that come up all highlight ‘low fat’ or ‘low calorie’. Health for iRaw is something a little different and by consequence, so is our idea of healthy desserts. Here are some key components we focus on:

  1. Functional Foods: Our founder, Asa’s, first goal was to create food that had as much nutrient density as possible without sacrificing on taste. The idea was that the product would add value to anyone’s diet and become a healthy habit.
  2. Sugar: A lot of health brands, while made with natural ingredients or cooking methods, can still be very high in sugar. At the end of the day, natural sugar is still sugar and should not be consumed in high doses! But a lot of health products try to create a pleasing taste by using dates, maple syrup, coconut sugar and the likes (We wrote about sugar substitutes here in case you want to learn more). While taste is important, you wont find sugar as a first ingredient in any iRaw product and any used is raw, organic and natural.
  3. No Funny Stuff: Making a product low fat or low calorie often involved taking ingredients out and replacing them with other ‘not so great’ additives to thicken, preserve or add flavour. iRaw’s mantra is to create purity in every bite meaning we only use quality raw ingredients from nature to your lips
  4. No processing: Again to make a product taste and look great while removing key components like fat, sugar and calories usually requires quite a lot of processing. If you look at the back of a typical store bought ‘healthy’ dessert you will see the long list of ingredients that resemble something you find in a chemistry lab and not a kitchen. Being a raw vegan, iRaw’s founder focused her attention on raw approved cooking methods, namely dehydration. The main reason is to preserve the taste and nutrient density of the individual raw ingredients that nature provides.

Healthy Dessert Ideas:

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Brownies: I know right now you’re thinking that we’ve totally gone mad! How could a brownie be healthy? In fact, a typical brownie recipe is incredibly versatile and very accommodating to the addition of vegetables! You read that right; you will find many recipes on google now incorporating sweet potato, beetroot and even courgette. Our beetroot and basic brownie is an exciting treat for this very reason – the benefits of beetroot, the taste of chocolate and all the nutrients in between!

Lavender Love Bites: Eating a raw diet might sound scary or dull. You couldn’t be more wrong and this free recipe will be just the thing to prove it! Before launching iRaw, Asa had led hundreds of raw vegan cooking classes in London teaching people the raw way and how to get creative in the kitchen. You can grab this recipe on the join our community page. Simply enter your email and we will send you the download straight away!

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Sorbet: Fruits have so much taste and flavor, plenty to hit the sweet spot! Try to create a simple sorbet yourself by simply blending some frozen berries of your choice with a splash of coconut water. You only need enough to move the berries into a slush. Start with a few and add more as needed.

Chia Pudding: Another incredibly simple recipe that has so many possible combinations. Start with 2 tbsp of chia seeds with 200ml mylk of choice. Mix well and leave in the fridge for at least 15 minutes (and as long as overnight). Your canvas is ready and now you get creative with your toppings: shaved coconut, sliced kiwi, sliced banana, cacao nibs, flax seeds, cacao, maple syrup….

Protein Rawl Ups: If you’re looking for something to grab on the go and feeling a little sick of the processed protein bars and energy balls available in shops, then maybe a ‘rawlup’ is just what you need. We’re proud to say these are nut free and contain up to 8g protein per serving! Three amazing flavours to choose from: Spicy Chocolate, Green Superfood or Creamy Caramel.

Do it yourself!

healthy dessertsOf course, we are incredibly lucky given that the healthy food industry is booming! There are so many amazing brands that offer great product which you can grab and eat on the go. But there is nothing like learning to do it yourself. At the heart of health and wellness is the food we eat and the preparation process is a crucial component. Learning to cook and eat foods you enjoy and that nourish you is the best gift that you can provide for yourself. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving!

We are pairing up with Yuuga Kemistri to offer you the opportunity to grab a raw food class in January! Check out their Raw Food page to see upcoming dates and grab your early bird discount!


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