Good Tasting Healthy Snacks: Myth or Reality?

Good Tasting Healthy Snacks

One thing we love at iRaw is getting to meet and talk with our customers. It gives us an opportunity to get feedback on our products and to discuss health trends in general. One question that comes up time and time again is ‘why does healthy food taste so awful?’ Or ‘I could never be vegan, it’s so boring!’. And to some extent, this is understandable. But while good tasting healthy snacks and meals were definitely hard to come by in previous years, this is not the case today. The variety of products available to the consumer in health stores and conventional supermarkets is impressive and on the rise. Let’s dig into this topic a bit more. First let’s look at how to make good tasting healthy snacks and hopefully inspire you to add a little more variety to your current diet.

Good Tasting Healthy Snacks

Why do healthy snacks taste like medicine?

They don’t or at least they don’t have to! Just because something is healthy, doesn’t immediately mean it must taste awful. Why do so many of us continue to think that? That healthy food is so awful tasting that you have to force it down. Or that it’s given that it tastes awful. It’s not the truth! This is the food we depended on for centuries to survive so surely we should prefer it, not run away from it.

The truth is that healthy food doesn’t taste like medicine, it taste like that just to you. There are some possible reasons behind this that are worth exploring because they are also easy enough to change.

Too Much Sugar

Processed foods that comes in packaging is full of sugar and fat. As humans, that sweet taste combined with sugar is a recipe made in heaven. It triggers our reward sensors and creates cravings and addiction to the food in the long run. In fact, big companies even employ scientists to specifically create the ideal mix of sugar. With most of us growing up on a standard diet, that constant intake of processed ingredients and sugars over a long period of time alters our palate. It’s all your taste buds know and only when you detox from consuming sugar that you realise just how much it affects you. Thanks to all of this, when we taste ‘healthy’ products that provide sweetness from natural sources (that are much less sweet) it inevitably tastes like medicine. So we assume good tasting healthy snacks are impossible to come by.

Key Takeaway: Your only exit strategy is to ditch the white stuff. Why not try out the basic reset plan as detailed here to help guide you. Otherwise, you could just simply try one week of food from natural sources only (i.e. nothing packaged) or better yet why not give vegan a go! Ideally, a sugar detox should last at least 14 days and upwards to a month or longer. You most definitely don’t need sugar in your diet so if you can wean off and train your palate to appreciate natural much lower quantities of sources like dates, coconut nectar and maple syrup, your body will thank you!

And remember to make small changes. Coming off sugar can have some annoying temporary side effects such as headaches, fatigue and mood swings.

Getting into a Rut

While the previous point focused on those still following a more conventional diet, the struggle to find good tasting healthy snacks applies to the ‘health warrior’ too. Many of us are creatures of habit and so it is very easy to get stuck in making the same few meals over and over again. And what inevitably happens is we become incredibly bored of these foods and the rut follows. Similarly, this can happen when you switch to a new diet and are afraid to broaden the variety of food for fear of getting it wrong. The vegan diet is not just kale, apples and tofu nor is a paleo diet just coconut oil, chicken and broccoli. Each approach offers a wide range of foods and combinations to explore. 

Key Takeaway: You need to experiment! There are so many options to find new meal ideas and inspiration online today, try our pinterest page as a starting point. Why not make one of your evenings during the week an opportunity to try a new recipe! It’s a perfect idea for date night or a friends get together!

Try try and try again

Finally, you may not have just tried enough products or recipes! It’s so common to see and hear in the feedback we receive. Individuals try a new ‘health’ product, dislike it and assume all the others taste the same. You need to diversify and try a few different products because good tasting healthy snacks are much easier to find these days.

Not all ‘vegan’ snack bars are created equal for example. Even if they contain similar ingredients, the quality and quantities can create vastly different flavours. Take our Rawl-Ups for example, our founder didn’t plan to launch the iRaw’s range of 3 flavours. However after listening to many people commenting on the high sugar content and lack of variety with non nut based energy bars, she created the Spicy Chocolate, Green Superfood and Creamy Caramel which all have their unique function. Propped with high protein and containing only natural sweetener they are quite a clever snack to snack on. In comparison to conventional bars, one bite can be satisfying enough so that you can savour the bag longer than if it was a bar of flapjack!

Good Tasting Healthy Snacks

Good Tasting Healthy Snacks

Good Tasting Healthy Snacks

Key Takeaway: Don’t give up on a product from one taste. Try samples when you see them in stores and don’t be afraid to ask questions! The best time to find these new products is attending an expo that locates all these wonderful brands in one room! We’ve attended a total of six consumer and trade shows this year and really enjoy meeting new brands, wholesales and potential customers. First, it’s important for us as a brand to get your feedback and adjust the flavours to suit your needs. And second, its a great opportunity for you as a consumer to come see what we offer. Our final show Trade Show of the year  is fast approaching – will we see you at Lunch 2017! And if you are heading to the OM Yoga Show in October we are also there with some tasty treat!

The Quality  

If you still find that most healthy food tastes nasty, it might be the quality. Organic, fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables have much more to offer in terms of vibrant taste and flavour.  At iRaw quality is a vital component of each product. We firmly believe in using only organic ingredients that offer fresh and vibrant flavours. In addition to this, our founder Asa’s key goal in creating iRaw was to produce a functional product that maximises nutrient value. You will find that all the products are free from any processed or artificial ingredients.  We also use as little sweetness (natural only) as we can get away with. We want our products to add micro nutrition and purity, as nature intended.

If you’re curious to try the products, we are running a discount on all of our cookies for September only! Click the image to check them out:

Good Tasting Healthy Snacks

Good Tasting Healthy Snacks lemon almonds dates

Good Tasting Healthy Snacks mint cacao peppermint

The Organic September Campaign! 

This month we are supporting the #OrganicSeptember campaign in association with Organic Food Uk and the Soil Association. You will find a wide variety of information on their websites. Organic means many things for you as a consumer and for us as producers.


Good Tasting Healthy Snacks

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