Vegan Meals to Go: The Golden Burger

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A plant-based diet can be exciting and delicious no matter what time of day. Following a vegan diet is simple but not easy. For the newbie – until you become a pro, it can often require a bit of creative thought to come up with interesting meals and also take up a bit more time for you to check labels and ingredients of cupboard essentials and packaged goods. And turning to the experienced veggie lover, sometimes we just fall into a rut. We get trapped eating the same thing, we lose our creative flare to keep meals interesting or we simply concede to time pressures of life. Vegan meals to go don’t require as much work as you think but equally, sometimes it’s also nice to know you have options to buy and stock up on.

Today’s blog has two goals. First, to highlight some ideas for vegan meals to go and second, to reveal a sneak peak of one of our new ‘meal on the go’ products, the Golden Burger.

vegan meals to go

Vegan Meals to Go: The Basics

We have a few rules when it comes to any main meal, especially lunch.

  • Quick and easy to throw together: We live incredibly busy lives. We rush from one place to the next and sadly this also means some of the important things get less and less attention. Diet is one of these areas. We can’t argue, modern food production and distribution has made food incredibly accessible and also provided produced with significantly reduced cooking times. For better or for worse, we have to accept that quick and easy meals on the go are a thing of the present. However, we also don’t have to accept processed, calorically dense, micronutrient scarce meals. Plant-based meals can very much be quick and easy to throw together! Don’t fall into the trap. Read on for our basic step by step guide!
  • Micronutrient Rich: The macronutrients protein, carbs and fats provide your body with raw building blocks for energy production and repair. With this, you also get vitamins and minerals which are called your micronutrients. Some macronutrients are better for energy, others for satiety. The key is that you want a good balance of each, rather than favouring more of one or less of another. As already hinted, meals on the go risk being calorically dense, micronutrient poor and often also loaded with preservatives/sugar and/or salt. This can happen no matter the dietary requirement: gluten-free, dairy free, paleo, even vegan products. So again, at iRaw we don’t compromise on the ‘micros’. In fact, we give vitamins and minerals priority because at the end of the day, we need these nutrients to sustain our health and wellbeing!

vegan meals to goA step by step guide

Eating a vegan diet can be incredibly nourishing and satisfying. To make it easier, why not based each meal along the following steps:

  1. Pick some veggies. Our rule of thumb is three….sometimes raw (Always raw for raw vegan founder Asa), sometimes cooked
  2. Pick a complex carb: think a whole grain like buckwheat/quinoa/millet/brown rice or a starchy veggie like sweet potato or squash or even some soaked chickpeas/kidney beans/lentils
  3. Find your protein source: Tofu, tempeh, hemp seeds, spirulina, falafel…even leafy greens!
  4. Dress it up with a healthy fat: either choose some luscious olive oil to form part of your dressing, or sprinkle your plate with a seed mix or even just garnish with some avocado
  5. Probiotics: Each meal is a wonderful opportunity to nourish your gut with pre and probiotics. Our gut flora too is nourished by our meal choices. Try adding fermented foods like sauerkraut to meals or sipping on some kombucha

Savoury Lunch Ideas

Before we show you what we can offer, we like to present some simple ideas to nourish your body! Perfect for anyone, not just the veggie or vegan eater! We can all benefit from plant-based food. In fact, incorporating a plant-based meal into your daily diet can have incredible nutritional benefits which we wrote about here.

Vegan Meals to Go Ideas

  1. Bowls! Think buddha bowl: visually stunning, great tasting and incredibly versatile. Take our step by step guide above and create a buddha bowl of your own.
  2. Leftovers: probably the easiest thing you can do is double up your dinners to have extras to bring to work the next day.
  3. Crackers and hummus – not just a snack. Some crackers loaded with avocado, hummus or even tahini can be a fantastic lunch alternative.
  4. Smoothies: lunch doesn’t always have to be savoury. And don’t fear going the liquid route. However, be conscious to pick smoothies with protein and plenty of greens where possible. You don’t want to overload the sugar with just fruit.

vegan meals to go

Vegan Meals to Go: The Golden Burger

vegan meals to goThe golden burger is a new recipe iRaw is currently perfecting and getting ready to launch. Rich in sunflower seeds, turmeric, peppers and coriander, these burgers are a perfect lunch option in every sense of the word: quick, easy and nutrient dense. Packed together as a pair of two burgers, you only need to add them on your salad or if feeling more peckish get our sunshine cracker and some hummus and you have an amazing meal …They are quite filling and with a shelf-life of 14 days, stocking up will be a clever move for the Raw Fox.

Stay tuned….It’s coming very soon.

Lyda Borgsteijn

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