Job Fairy! We’re Hiring (Again).

job fairy

Confident, Charismatic, Foodies wanted! iRaw is growing rapidly. We love to play job fairy and have three roles to offer! We’re still a small team based in South London and are looking for enthusiastic and Raw-Curious Team Members to help us keep up the fast pace!

We offer you the chance to be a part of a positive, ambitious and result driven team. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to grow within the role.

Company Background

iRaw launched early this year and has really hit the ground running. iRaw Healthy Habits is a fast-growing London-based company which produces a range of Healthy Organic Raw food products. The company supplies products to health shops (bigger chains and individual health shops), as well as to consumers through the website online shop (currently work in progress).

This year, we have already attended a mix of five trade and consumer shows and have a growing list of stockists to boast. But there’s still so much to do. We have big plans and need a few extra helping hands to get us up to speed. So we’re playing job fairy!

Learn more about iRaw on our About page, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Below you will find an overview of each position on offer right now. For full detail and how to apply head over here.

Production Intern

Are you interested in healthy food? Want to be a part of a vibrant Team creating Rawtastic Innovative Snacks, Desserts and Meals on-the-go? Or are you considering to transit to vegan and want to gain experience by working for an Organic Vegan Raw Food Producer? Then we have a job for you! Check out the intern position available! Head over here.

job fairy

Administrative Intern

We also have an intern position available in addition to the production team. This is ideal for those of you who are more interested in numbers, planning, scheduling, developing and enjoying the role of tasting the fabulous products we produce. If you want to be part of the fast-growing company and share the same vision as iRaw then Head over here.

Sales Representative

The Sales Executive role is the key point of contact between our organization and our clients. The purpose of the role is to help iRaw to achieve our customer acquisition and revenue growth targets by keeping iRaw competitive and innovative.  Therefore, you will be responsible for maximizing our sales potential creating sales plans and putting those in action. Consequently, this role demands an experienced, dedicated and motivated individual with the in-depth knowledge of the raw-food industry. Furthermore, this person will be part of the fast-growing company and share the same vision of the company. Sound interesting? Head over here.

Food Production Team Member

Purpose of the role is to manage overall kitchen activities and carry out responsibilities of mainly production of raw food products, as well as support the growth of the company with new, innovative and creative ideas for Healthy Habits. The ideal candidate is a health enthusiast. Also, they are a dedicated and motivated individual. Finally, they have an in-depth knowledge of the raw-food and/or vegan industry. If you want to be part of the fast-growing company and share the same vision as iRaw then Head over here.

All applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits.

If you like the sound of one of the above, be sure to head over to our careers page. There you will find a full job role breakdown and information on how to apply!

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