Healthy Food Trends 2017: Where iRaw Fits In.

healthy food trends

The food industry is shifting and every year new healthy food trends emerge on the market. We are evidently seeing these trends move towards healthy eating. Remember discovering kefir and thinking game changer? No doubt, you’ve also seen the explosion in the ‘clean eating’ craze; vegan restaurant, detox spas, juice bars, turmeric lattes and so on. This new demand is opening up new routes to market, meeting the needs of what was once thought a niche and at the same time making it easier to access healthier products for the general public who might not be devoted to ‘healthy eating’ but still eager to buy and consume these products. If nothing else, these trends show that people are becoming more aware of what is good for their health. So what healthy food trends are emerging in 2017?

Healthy Food Trends

This year’s emerging healthy food trends are guaranteed to upgrade your nutrition, digestion, sleep, and mood in a major way. It is evident that consumers are looking more and more towards organic produce. With ‘inflammation’ being the word of the year, it’s no surprise that anti-inflammatory foods and diets are shaping up to be the current trending topics.

Consumers, especially millennials, are highly attuned to the impact their food choices may have on their communities and the planet. The ‘clean eating’ phenomenon can only bring positive change not only for the producer and consumer, but also the earth! After all, using organic, local raw materials or sourcing biodegradable packaging means less environmental impact on planet earth. But let’s take a closer look at the actual ingredients that are hot right now.

Three key trends to watch healthy food trends turmeric


Fresh turmeric sales are growing. Once known as an exotic dry spice, today’s consumer want’s the fresh raw turmeric root. It’s not hard to see why. Turmeric has cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. The fresh variety is packed with both flavour but also antioxidants.

While the golden latte has skyrocketed this spice to fame, our beauty snack also contains turmeric paired with black pepper to help maximise absorption.

Activated Nuts

A handful of nuts boast plenty of benefits; nutrient dense, protein rich and great source of minerals and fibre. But their fame and versatility continues to expand. You’ll have probably noticed the surge in nut ‘mylk’ as people start to move away from consuming dairy milk. These dairy alternatives are proving popular ingredients for thickening smoothies and juices. Beyond just milk alternatives, ‘activated’ nuts are now the new ‘thing‘ to buy at most health stores.

A no brainer for iRaw – any nuts and grains we use in our products are first and foremost organic and secondly activated to ensure you get the most nutrients, free of harmful chemicals, out of each and every product!

healthy food trends beauty snack activated almonds spirulina turmeric

Seaweed and other unusual greens

The true colour of health. Leafy greens are a nutritional goldmine. Green veggies contain a whole gamut of vitamins and minerals as well as a variety of powerful antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties. Leafy greens run the whole spectrum of flavours and colours: from the bluish-green of kale to the bright green of spinach, from sweet to bitter, from peppery to earthy. Young plants generally have small, tender leaves and a mild flavor. With plant based superfoods and protein like hemp which are mainstream now, micro green superfoods like watercress and algae is the new hot topic.

iRaw hits the spot! We truly believe in the power of plant based food and champion a raw vegan approach. It’s at the heart of the brand: Made with ingredients as Nature intended. Not only do we love green foods like courgette and kale but the superfood spirulina is a key ingredient in our Beauty Snack and the Green Superfood Rawl-ups!

 Healthy Food Trends coconut

Fresh coconut

Coconut water has already made big waves on the healthy food trends list but it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, we’ve kicked it up a notch with many shops now offering whole fresh coconuts for sale full of potassium rich water and nutrient rich coconut meat. iRaw for the win again! Coconut is a favourite! iRaw loves to use organic coconut in products like our Creamy Caramel Rawl-ups or Lemon in Love Cookies. A great source of healthy fats and perfect to keep you full and fuelled between meals! Using coconut in recipes, you also reduce the amount of sugar as coconuts are a natural source of sweetener.

Innovation at the heart of iRaw

Where to start!? iRaw is making waves in the health market with its focus on organic raw materials, plant based ingredients and sustainable production methods that do not cost the earth. We pride ourselves on being true innovators! Most of our products already incorporate the ‘trendy’ raw ingredients mentioned above. This is because our founder, a raw vegan for 13+ years, is passionate about functional, nutrient-dense food versus being a ‘fashionable’ business.

Our Green Diskettes Courgette Snack was Award Finalist at IFE 2017 in the most innovative snacking product category this year.

The Story Behind Green Diskettes Courgette Snack

 Healthy Food Trends Where shall we start …. These just happened to become our snack of choice and on a pre-launch at a consumer show in London in 2015 the feedback was unanimous. Those who sampled them  loved the product. They are so simple and have a low content of calories. They contain the mood supporting sweet basil that merges wonderfully with lemon infused courgette/zucchini. If there is one product that we say that you finish a whole bag without realising and in the end, want to lick the inside of the bag – this is the one!

Check them out here!


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