What are Goldenberries and Why We’re Crackers About Rapples!

what are goldernberries

You might have been asking yourself what are goldenberries? You’ve come to the right blog post. To start, goldenberries are considered a superfood. There is no official definition or criteria for a superfood but the general consensus is that these are primarily plant-based foods that are particularly dense in nutrients and therefore very beneficial to us. The term ‘superfood’ is in many ways marketing armour, there are certain foods that go above and beyond in terms of nutrient value. From our point of view, superfoods are foods with exceptional nutrient value, in their natural form and in their raw state that help to increase the total value of your daily nutrient intake.

In our eyes, goldenberries (also known as Physalis peruviana) are a superfood. First of all, they are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. This blog post aims to provide answer to the question; what are goldenberries, why they are so energy dense and finally, how to enjoy these ancient berries!


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What are Goldenberries?

The goldenberry is indigenous to the high-altitude, tropical Andes regions of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.The star ingredient in our Rapples, Golden berries are actually not a true berry. Originating from the Solanaceae family of nightshades, this berry is actually related to tomatoes and eggplants! 

They have many names

Physalis peruviana, Cape Gooseberries, Incan Berries, Aztec Berries or Peruvian Groundcherries.

They come packed with nutrition

Containing vitamins A, C, E, K1, B1, B2, and B3, as well as fatty acids and phytosterols. It also contains trace amounts of calcium and iron, plus other minerals.

Goldenberries Have Many Health Benefits

So what are goldenberries and why should you eat them? The notable amount of benefits associated with golden berries makes this fruit quite ‘super’. The significant antioxidant content is health enhancing and helps to fight free radicals is especially relevant. The carotenoids, withanolides and polyphenols have immune modulating and anti-inflammatory attributes as well as cancer inhibiting agents. These same alkaloids, withanolides and flavonoids are also liver and kidney protective (1, 2). Furthermore, the vitamin content helps to support healthy skin and bones as well as boost cognitive function. Finally, they also contain melatonin (the sleepy hormone that helps get your body ready for rest) and consequently goldenberries are also great for sleep! 

Summary of Health Benefits of Goldenberries

  1. Rich Antioxidant Content to fight free radicals
  2. Anti-inflammatory
  3. Cancer protective
  4. Liver and Kidney Health
  5. Eye, Nails and Skin Health
  6. Restful Sleep

How to Enjoy Goldenberries

Golden berries can be consumed fresh or dried. They have a unique sweet and sour taste that both adults and kids love. To sample the rich flavour, our Rapples are your first port of call – they’re loaded with berry goodness and other beneficial ingredients that make these dark brown crackers well crafted and a joyful healthy treat. Furthermore, you can enjoy Goldenberries with your morning smoothie, as a topping to yogurt/porridge/cereal or even as steeped as tea.


what are golden berriesThe Story Behind the Rapples:

The Rapples crackers was the first iRaw product that Asa created. She had been trying to find a way to use up some juice pulp to minimise waste and well…the rest is history….

“The Rapping Apples! I was listening to rap music after deciding that these tasty little crackers would be my 1st product in the new company. The name of the product is therefore inspired by music! I thought of Rapping Apples -as simple as that. However, the final product was developed from the previous recipe I created when I was using up the pulp from daily juicing, as to practice zero food waste as a raw foodie. I wanted to introduce a bit richer flavour and I chose the goldenberries for the crackers simply as opposed to the goji berries that everyone seemed to be using”

See for yourself!

And finally, iRaw has a special announcement to make; We’re off to Prague to showcase our range at the Great British Fitness and Wellbeing Showcase in June!

what are golden berries

This personal invitation came as quite the surprise (it’s not every day you get a call from the British Embassy in Prague) but we’re so excited for our brand to expand across and outside the UK! Stay tuned for updates on our social media: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


What are goldenberries

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