Raw Vegan Crackers with Superpowers

raw vegan crackers basil herbs organic

Certain nutrition approaches can feel limiting at times. Take for example the raw vegan diet. It both eliminates certain foods and also affects the cooking method so it’s very easy to focus only on what you ‘can’t’ eat. But there is amazing opportunity here! With the choices you do have, there are so many possibilities to create nutrient and flavour-rich meals. You already know that plant based foods possess incredible energy and nutrition. But how you cook and present food is also important! Take our raw vegan crackers as an example; they are simple yet full of rich flavour and even superpowers…more on that in a moment.

This blog has two intentions. First, it aims to inspire you to both incorporate nutrient rich herbs into any of your meals. And second it highlights how easy it is to get creative in the kitchen!

Raw Vegan Crackers with Superpowers?

Superpowers….really? Yes, really. And we don’t take this term lightly. As a raw vegan, you might not think that you can actually still be able to eat crackers. But that’s not true! All you need is a dehydrator and some inspiration for recipes from other raw vegan foodies.

Our Sunshine in a Box, specifically, is quite special so take note. As Asa explains:

“iRaw believes that life should be full of colour, flavour and tantalising sensations without ever compromising the very pure nature of raw ingredients. PURITY IN EVERY BITE!”

When creating any meal or product, she focuses on a creating a functional combination that incorporates both visual appeal, flavour and above all nutrient density. The superpower in our raw vegan crackers comes in the form of organic herbs.

The Benefits of Herbs:

Most of us have plenty of herbs and spices, fresh and dried, in our pantry. However, we also often completely forget to realise how beneficial these are to both flavour and nourishment. Let’s look at two such herbs that are also carefully incorporated into our raw vegan crackers.

sunshine raw vegan crackers


Well known for its taste, basil actually has a lot more to offer than you think. It might surprise you to learn that this herb actually carries a wealth of health benefits too. Basil is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, immunity-enhancing. Most excitingly, it is an adaptogen which helps with stress and anxiety. Used for years in traditional and folk medicine, basil is high in antioxidants and also contains vitamin A, K, C and manganese.

As a herb, it’s very easy to incorporate basil into your diet. Try it on soups, in smoothies or even in it’s raw state on a cracker with some sliced avocado and hummus. Delicious!

raw vegan crackers oregano herbs organic


Used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb, oregano packs quite a punch. It’s antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial and even a potent antibiotic! It is high in antioxidants and cancer fighting properties and contains a lot of nutrients including fibre, manganese, iron, vitamin E, iron, calcium, omega fatty acids, manganese, and tryptophan. As many might know, tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, the happy hormone. So thumbs up for oregano!

Finally, incorporating oregano into your diet can have benefits for the respiratory and digestive system and even aid with menstrual cramps. Try sprinkle it on soups, avocado or even fuse as a tea.

Behind the Product Lies a Story..

heart healthy raw vegan crackersI asked myself when creating these most delicious Sunshine in a Box crackers ‘What is Italy to me’? Sunshine no doubt …

The Sunshine in a Box are my homage to Italy. The reason for that is the flavour combination from the ingredients which are typical for the Italian Cuisine, as simple as that.  As a vegan I have not had any issues  finding food on my many travels to various places in Italy.  Italy is so rich in food culture. What I found common almost everywhere is; garlic (tick), tomatoes (tick), peppers (tick), chilli (tick – although more apparent around Florence and central South Italy), sundried tomatoes (tick) and last but not least herbs tick tick tick!

Lyda Borgsteijn

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