Health Benefits of Lemons and Why We Consider them a Star Ingredient

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What are the Health Benefits of Lemons?

Lemons are considered a fruit because they contain seeds. And this fruit has a lot to talk about. Full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, the health benefits of lemons make them a great daily addition to your diet.

Nutrient Content

According to Live Science, lemons are rich in vitamin C, folate, potassium, flavonoids and limonin. Beyond their nutrient profile, the health benefits of lemons are scientifically sound and evidence based.

The rich vitamin C content and source of fibre supports the immune system, heart health and weight management. Citric acid helps prevent kidney stones and support overall kidney function. A good source of iron, lemons also protect against anaemia furthermore the soluble fibre content helps to balance and support the digestive system. Finally, a diet high in plant based food will also mitigate against risk of cancer.

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Choose Your Lemons Wisely

  1. Although available all year around, the peak season for lemons is in the UK is Jan – March (source)
  2. When picking your lemons in the store, there are a few points to note. If you plan to use the zest or peel for cooking/baking, aim for wax-free and naturally grown or certified organic lemons.
  3. When buying lemons, give them a gentle squeeze. Look for ones that are small, firm, quite heavy, and with rich bright yellow colour.
  4. Lemons with a thinner skin tend to have more juice.
  5. The typical signs of a spoiled fruit include spots, punctures or mould so keep a close eye out!

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The Star Ingredient in our Lemon in Love Cookies!

Lemons are the star ingredient in our Lemon in Love cookies for good reason: they’re full of nutrition, flavour and zesty depth!

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When Asa was creating her raw vegan cookies, there was no doubt that lemons were going to feature:

“I have always been a huge fan of lemons. In fact, when I was pregnant I had up to ½ kg lemons daily the first 3 months of pregnancy. With loads of pulp leftover from making almond milk, I started developing cookies including fresh lemon juice too which I dehydrated to extend the shelf life. Later, I added chia seeds to give them softer consistency and some omega-3.”

See for yourself!

health benefits of lemons

Lyda Borgsteijn

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