iRaw Nominated for Best Healthy Snack Innovation Award 2017

best healthy snack raw courgette snack

The news of our nomination came as a wonderful surprise.

After a very busy few months behind the scenes, we were delighted to learn that IRaw has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Healthy Snack Innovation’ category for the Food Innovation Awards in association with IFE2017.

As finalists, we have been selected from a list of 265 entries across 29 countries in 23 categories!

And the best healthy snack that got us there is our wonderful Green Goodness Courgette Snack

Best Healthy Courgette Snack

The backstory to this product is rather interesting. As Asa explains ‘these green diskettes just happened!’ And while at a 2015 pre-launch consumer show in London, the feedback was unanimous; people loved the product.

The courgette is a humble fruit with a low calorie content. Did you know that? Yes, it’s a fruit as according to the food science perspective, this green squash is a seed-bearing structure. However, in the culinary context, a courgette is treated as a vegetable.

While a raw courgette is unlikely to be your first go-to snack, our Green Diskettes will hopefully make you change your mind!

best healthy snack courgette

Best Healthy Snack Star Ingredient: Sweet Basil

When it comes to flavour, the mood-supporting sweet basil merges wonderfully with courgette/zucchini. If there is one product that you finish without realising it and want to lick the inside of the bag – this is the one!

Part of the aromatic herb family and close relative to oregano and mint, basil has a pretty impressive portfolio of health-promoting properties. In conjunction with adding fantastic flavour and depth to your dish, basil is anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, anti-microbial, anti-stress, rich in cancer-preventing phytochemicals and contains a myriad of antioxidants to help support your body.

And Finally, Why Raw?

The Green Goodness Courgette Snack is raw, organic gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan-friendly. But what is so special about a ‘raw’ product?

As Asa explains, raw food provides you with the most benefit mainly due to the preparation method (or in this case, lack thereof). Using a raw ‘approved’ method like dehydration protects the enzymes in the material (courgette) which are heat sensitive and often lost, along with their nutrient value, when food is cooked using conventional methods that involve heat.

When it comes to plant matter, it is the chlorophyll in these green vegetables, herbs and algaes that are so beneficial for our health as they help to oxygenate the blood and therefore provide the best environment for our cells to thrive. This is also the best anti-ageing secret out there as far as Asa is concerned.

IFE 2017 Exhibition

The finalists of the World Food Innovation Awards 2017 will be presented as part of a special ceremony at IFE on 20 March 2017. Fingers crossed!

Iraw best healthy snack award

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Alternatively, please come visit us at the event. We’ll be at stall 2722 and all the IFE 2017 exhibition details can be found here:


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