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cartoonI’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. It’s been an amazing journey and it keeps evolving. Perhaps my entrepreneur skills started showing already when I was 9 years old. I bought candy and stood outside the fishing factory back home in Iceland and sold it for a double price. That was such a boost to my confidence, it was there and then I decided my path I believe.


In a way I have always wanted to be in charge of my own destiny and at the same time my mind is constantly buzzing with ideas that I feel I need to share. That is how iRaw Healthy Habits became a reality. I have experienced great benefits of following Raw Food Lifestyle and felt the desire to share that feeling of wellbeing with others. IRaw Healthy Habits was launched in January this year. I’m thankful that I am more excited about the future of my business than I ever have been. Some might say I’m a late bloomer, as it’s taken me some time to reach where I am today — and I’d have to agree. I feel like doing more, not less! I’m far from ready to slow down. I’m quite enthusiastic about what I’ve started to share: ‘Healthy Habits’ and I have so many good ideas to share in the nearest future, just wait and see.


Being an entrepreneur, if things go well, has a lot of perks. I see the world as my oyster. It’s definitely a nice life. But it didn’t come without any sacrifices. I have had to ‘lock myself up’ for almost 3 years in order to plan the launching of this amazing idea. I was ready to do that as I knew lot of people were wanting to have the chance to live a healthy lifestyle. I know we are simply too busy in our everyday lives to be able to prepare everything ourselves and that is where I saw iRaw Healthy Habits come in. To meet the needs of busy people who wanted to have access to healthy, quick and easy snack and food on-the-go.


In this article I want to share some of my insights, as an entrepreneur, with aspiring entrepreneurs who are asking themselves, “Is this for me? What am I prepared to give up?”

Look at the bright sides

  1. You get to decide.It is both challenging and rewarding to know that the success of the business depends on me. The experience of the impact of my daily choices adds to my confidence and keeps me on my toes, literally.
  2. Meeting and working with remarkable people.I feel privileged as I’ve gotten to know some of the most interesting people in the world — many of whom are health or raw food enthusiasts like myself. It’s a fantastic community.
  3. No limit on income potential.How much money you can make is up to you.
  4. Freedom.For me, the ability to live where I want and vacation as I please has been invaluable. In addition, I am sharing my lifestyle with others and it makes me feel as I’m contributing something valuable which cannot be measured.

On the negative side

  1. You’ll put in more hours each week than anyone else you know.You’d better be quite passionate about what you want to achieve. If you don’t do the job, no one else will. It is as simple as that.
  2. It can be lonely being an entrepreneur. When you spend most of your time working, you miss out for sure. I’ve read articles and books about work-life balance, it amuses me. It sounds like a really great idea! I’m still learning how or when to stop.
  3. Stress.Being an entrepreneur is not for the weak hearted. I know I shouldn’t let the business get to me, but I can’t help it – I’m already intertwined with the business and most times I consider us ONE.
  4. Slim times and Soup for Dinner – again!There is no guaranteed income, so better be clever about each earning you make.
  5. You’re always on duty.Who else!
  6. Personal relationships will suffer.For the reasons above, you have much less of yourself to give or share. I say to myself – ‘get over it your married to your business’.

So becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t an easy task. It takes passion, time, dedication, and above all, persistence. The reward however is big. There will be sacrifices and ups and downs. However as far as I’m concerned, it’s all worth it.

At iRaw Healthy Habits we produce 15 raw food products, organic, vegan; snacks, brownies, cookies and Meal on-the-go. We plan to launch 30 more products until May 2017 so stay tuned. Sign up for our newsletter or to our Taster Team (get to know about our new products and try them out before others), ‘be up to date’ on our latest development.

Look forward to connecting with you!

Much Love


Lyda Borgsteijn

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